Announcement concerning change of CC Terms of Service

Thank you very much for coming to 【CC.colorful】 to come.
CC downloads are also very happy.
Thank you so much for using my CC.

However, I decided to change CC terms and conditions as a result of various thoughts.

New Terms of Service

 Things you can do
 For personal use only,you can customize it freely.

 Prohibited matter
 Distribution of customized CC is prohibited.
 Please also stop redistributing the original CC.

As usual, there are no problems in allowing you to freely modify for personal use.
However, please do not distribute the customized CC.
Currently, we recommend deletion of modified CC that is being distributed.

I am sorry suddenly, thank you.

This is the result I thought.
I was really quite astray.
It is because it was ideal that anyone could use freely with Sims' CC.

Creating a CC is a very difficult thing.
So it is OK to customize and distribute the CC,
but I was asking for not wanting to say that I made it.
But ...
There are people who redistribute things that have changed the color of the texture
slightly as "the author of the mesh is myself".
I became very sad.

In this way, we decided that distribution of CC would be disgusting.
So, I changed the terms.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(;´Д`) ハァハァ.......ゼィゼィ.......
え、えっと、先日UPした 「CCの利用規約変更について」 の英語バージョンでっす。

自動翻訳にたよりまくりなんで、不安度MAXですが ま、まあ・・・・雰囲気が伝わればいいな、的な・・・!

あとは 「配布ページ」 の利用規約も、今までは日本語だけだったのを英語も追加してみました。

どんなにがんばって注意書きを書いても、読んでくれなくて(読んでくれても) 守ってくれない人は
でも、禁止!って決めとけば 次、見かけた時は堂々と この野郎ォォォ・・・・!ヾ(*`Д´*)ノ
って思えるから、まだ 気が楽かな。

そんなめちゃめちゃショック受けてるとか 怒ってる、ってワケじゃないんですが
以前の規約だと ちゃんとした基準を設けてない自分も悪いような気がして モヤモヤしてたんで

これからも、以前と変わらず 自分が 「欲しい!」 と思ったものを作って
それを 「配布ページ」 にも置いておきたいです。
【シムズ4】 で遊び続けるかぎりは、無限に作りたいものがあるんじゃなかろうか・・・・・・本気で!




 欲しい!と 思ったコンテンツを中心に



 ご自由に お持ち帰りください~。

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